Education In Belarus

White Russia lies in Eastern Europe. It was part of the previous Soviet Union from 1922 to 1991 and was known as the Republic of Belarus Soviet socialism. The capital of Belarus is Minsk and it is considered as the biggest city.



In White Russia, winter is cold and summer is hot. The average of temperature in January is 6 °c, it is supposed to be the coldest month in the year, in July it is 18°c, and it supposed to be the hottest month in the year.


Education system in Belarus:

Education system in Belarus is the same education system of the previous Soviet Union and it has some modifications in order to proper twenty`s one century.


Living costs in Belarus:

Living costs in Republic Belarus is very cheap comparing to other parts of Europe. Nearly Costs of living in Belarus almost like in the Republic of Ukraine.


Obtaining a visa to study in Belorussian territory:

One of the biggest advantages enjoyed by the Republic of Belarus are the facilities provided for foreign students who want to study in its universities.
It does not impose a lot of restrictions and requirements on the one hand and the period of getting too short visa tuition on the other hand Comparing to other countries.


Required documents:

Copy of passport.
Copy of the High School Transcript.
12 personal photos passport-size photographs with a white background.
Certificate of no criminal record and it must work on a new or nearly a month ago to provide maximum student file League.
International health certificate which is a medical examination of the student’s work in one of the government hospitals in the country and reveal the student’s free from any infectious diseases or serious .
A copy of the student certificate and transcript of undergraduate whether the presentation and one for the study of interdisciplinary master’s stage and certified by the State Department.