The Turkish educational system offers international students a rich field of choices. You will find a number of options to fit just about any need from specialized degrees to unique programs geared toward international students. Multicultural affairs studies are popular as well as programs in International Relations, Eastern Mediterranean Studies, Business Management, Engineering, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.

Study Options in Turkey
For any international student, Turkey has a lot to offer: high quality education and a very multicultural population, lively cities and beautiful landscapes, artistic, cultural and sportive events. Living and studying in Turkey will definitely inspire you and change your perspectives permanently.


Bachelor’s degree
require a minimum of four years of university study in all fields other than Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Science.


Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Science
require the successful completion of a five-year university program. In Veterinary Medicine, the professional qualification of Veteriner Hekim Diplomasi is awarded. In dentistry, the Dis Hekimligi Diplomasi is conferred on successful graduates.


Bachelor’s Diploma MD in Medicine:
a six-year program that leads to the Medical Doctor degree. In Medicine, the professional qualification of Tip Doktorlugu Diplomasi is conferred.


Master’s Degree
Postgraduate studies last either for two years with the submission of a thesis or for one-and-a-half years without a thesis.


Ph.D. Degree/Doctorate Degree in Science/Specialist Degree in Medicine/Fine Arts Mastery Degree
These studies last two years in Agriculture, Pharmacy or Veterinary Science; three years in the Arts and Sciences; and three to six years in Medicine.